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Who's sitting at your table?

You’re probably sitting at a table tomorrow. Who is sitting at your table?


Every family has their issues. Every. Single. Family. So I ask you again, who is sitting at your table?


Jesus sat at many tables and many of those tables were with sinners. With the people that had done others dirty. With the people that had royally screwed up in life. Jesus. The King of all Kings sat with them. They weren’t snubbed or made the object of family gossip. Jesus sat with them.


Jesus came down breaking the rules of man. I mean really- He chose to come in the form of a baby from an unwed virgin. And in the heart of His ministry is sitting at the table, breaking bread with the people others shunned. He rolled up on the scene breaking the rules and causing controversy upon the “religious”.


If you’ve seen @thechosentvseries , I love the line when Jesus says, “Get used to different”. He is different. He is Holy. He is set apart. He is greater. He is better… and He sits at the table with the least of these.


Look, I don’t know what’s happened in your family…but I do know the way of Jesus. Whatever has happened, you have a chance to break the chains of whatever is happening. You have a chance to stop generational cycles in their tracks. You have a chance to say, “Come and sit at the table with me.”


Be the one that’s different. Be the one that’s willing to put it all on the line for others. Be the one that’s willing to fight for peace, reconciliation and love. It’s hard, it’s work, it’s WORTH IT. We can do this for others because this exact same thing has been done for us by Jesus.


I have this picture (swipe to end) hanging on the wall by my table at home. It reads, “When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.”

It’s your decision. It’s your legacy. Will you be a table or a fence builder?

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