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Meet the face
behind the posts

Hey! I'm Katie! I’m a mama, coach's wife, pastor, fresh coffee snob, Enneagram 3, chocolate-loving, over-achieving, writer, speaker, lover of the underdog, glass ceiling shattering, all things boujee loving, secret introvert, that has zero chill when it comes to Jesus. 


But here… I’m your biggest cheerleader. 

I’m the embarrassing friend on the sidelines cheering you to succeed. I'm here cheering you on to fill that desire God has put on your heart that you haven’t told anyone else about.  

Because, just like me…you’re not just a Mom.

You’re not just your job title. You’re not just a woman. You are JUST a child of God…and He’s got exceedingly, abundantly more in store for you, Sister!


How do I know this? Stick around to hear more!


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