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Happiness vs Joy

Happiness. It seems to be the thing everyone is longing for. We’ve all been through a lot, but here’s the problem: We are chasing happiness when we are made for joy.

You see, happiness is a feeling that you get when things are going well. Happiness is based on your circumstances. You win the bet, you get the guy, you get the bonus, the car, the kids, etc. Happiness is a high, really. All of it is temporary. Joy is a deep sense of gladness regardless of your circumstances. Joy is when everything going on around you is a dumpster fire… your heart can continue to smile. So instead of answering, how can we be happy, I want to answer…where can we find joy?

Joy is in choice. How many times to do you see the memes on Pinterest or the t-shirts #choosejoy 🙄 It’s not that easy. There are so many times I want to drag out the fight with my husband and prove that I’m right. It’s doesn’t work like that. Nope- joy is a choice. It’s work. It’s being stronger than your emotions and your circumstances. Find freedom and fight for joy. Go from being pissed to having peace.


Joy is in gratitude. Y’all know I’m all about my gratitude journal and this is a huge reason why! Do you know what kills joy? Entitlement - me myself and I.

Quit looking at everything you don’t have and look at what you do have. Get over entitlement and get grateful.


Joy is in our hope. Do you know what you have in Jesus? You are chosen, you are forgiven, you are seen, you have a plan for your life, you are not isolated, you are not alone, you are restored, you are loved and you are redeemed by the blood of Jesus. THAT — THAT is why we can have joy regardless of your circumstances. These aren’t fairytale promises in a storybook. These are the realities and TRUTHS for your life.

Over half of the New Testament was written in a jail cell by a guy named Paul…that said the JOY of the Lord was his strength. Y’all I get it things are hard but this joy…it’s promised to you. It’s available to you today. It’s a choice. It’s in gratitude, it’s in our hope.



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