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Yom Kippur Kid's Lesson

For years I would look at that small lettering on the bottom right-hand section of my calendar and see the words " Yom Kippur" and wonder what in the world is that? It's a Jewish holiday, so it's not important for me as a Jesus follower, right?

Wrong! Our history is important. Where we come from and how far we've come is important! There's no greater way to gain a thankful heart than to look at how much much God has done for us.

There's no greater way to gain a thankful heart than to look at how much much God has done for us.

What this day once was for us to what it is's good news, y'all! Yom Kippur and all the sacrifices, all this blood, all the formality and even the’s all external. It’s imperfect and will never fully saved us. It’s all external and will never perfected our us on the inside!

With the old there there was always a barrier. Literally- that was a curtain that stood between us and the presence of God With the old we could never be cleansed internally and truly get rid of all the evil.

But we have a God full of grace and mercy that wants to be near us. A God that wants to get rid of all this evil for us. And so he sent the greatest option. Instead of just wiping us all out - which I’d probably really tempted to do these days...He sent a sacrifice that wipes out the sin on the outside and the inside ONCE FOR ALL.

I wish I could rewind and know this truth the years I stared at the calendar in confusion. I wish I had known then how much Jesus truly loved me regardless of my short comings. Now, I can't rewind the clock, but what I can do is pass the knowledge on to my children.

Sooo, I've created a lesson to help!!!

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