DIY Eyelash Extensions

This is one of my most sought after questions: "How do you do your lashes at home"? Check out this how to video below. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

All the Products I use:


I use this to clean my natural lashes before application to your starting sanitary. I also use this to remove my makeup and clean around my lashes overnight.



This keeps my natural lashes healthy & strong.

Just apply a little a night- it took my about 3-4 weeks to see results.

I also apply to my eyebrows!

Lash Serum:


I didn't know about doing this when I first started doing my lashes, but I'm so glad I've added this to my routine. It makes the lashes pop right on and gives you more longevity.

The tube has a "bond" side and a "seal" side. The "seal" application does make your lashes stiff, so if that bothers you, you can just skip that step.

Falscera Glue:


This makes removing your lashes SO easy. I've also used coconut oil or even just a steamy shower. But...for ultimate clean removal without any damage, this is my go-to. Just take a cotton pad and saturate with the remover. Then, place over eyes; hold for 10 seconds to let the remover work its magic!

You can also use this to clean the glue off your segments and reuse them!

Falscera Remover:


Be careful, these babies are sharp on the ends, but gosh the length and grip makes application so much more easy! I loved the curved pair to squeeze the lashes at the very end!

Eyelash Tweezers:


So many other glues have come on the market, but I'm loyal to GladGirl Lash Lock. You do have to wait for the glue to get super tacky. I squirt the glue on the inside of my box, dip the lashes and let them sit for a good 2-3 minutes before applying

Lash Lock Glue:


There are many companies out there you can try. You can even buy full strip lashes and cut them into pieces but the Flirt style by Flutterhabit has been my favorite find.

These are the most voluminous but they have tons of styles to choose from to fit your personal style.