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Blessed are the....

That’s what HE said. Straight outta the mouth of Jesus.


So how are you measuring your blessing? How are you settling disagreements? How are you measuring success? How do you treat others that you disagree with?


We’ve got to wake up. Our society has gotten it very very wrong. Your money, that house, your looks, whether you won the argument, how smart and powerful you think you are, what your political view is- does not get you a ticket into Heaven.


Instead- what did you do with your money? Who did you welcome in your home? Did you forgive those that hurt your and welcome them into your life? Are you humble? Do you serve Jesus over a president?


We’ve got it all wrong…can we get over ourselves and get it right?



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I'll admit it- I'm a snob when it comes to certain things... coffee, the way clothes fit on my 30-something fluff, lashes and anything beauty that makes my life easier.


I want life to be boujee (but on a budget) peppered with simplification to my daily routine. If I find something I love, you'll see it here!

Want me to be your guiena pig and try something? Let me know!

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