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4 things to do when you're in a slump

Have you been there? One day you're killing you're to-do list and your motivation is chart topping....and then you hit a brick wall. There's tons of things that trigger of slump for me but the number one thing is negative people. Being in slump happens to everyone, it's perfectly normal. How we choose to react to the slump we're in determines how long we stay in it. Here's 4 tips below that will jump start your exit!


Moving your body gets your endorphins flowing and immediately changes your mood...and your mindset! It doesn’t have to be a 5k or hardcore gym workout. Just move! Dance in the kitchen. Chase your kids around the house. Throw the ball your dog. Walk up and down your street listening to your favorite playlist. You pick, just MOVE!

You gotta talk it out. Listen, I'm the queen of the silent treatment, but you gotta talk it out. No matter how scary, depressing, our hard it is. It’s so so tempting to isolate yourself and let your mind do all the talking, but I promise you, that will not help. Call your aunt. Text a friend. Pray out loud. Write a letter. Just TALK. It helps to communicate it out and let others in even when it feels like work. I'm telling you– to just have someone say, "yeah, I complete understand" and validate your feelings is EVERYTHING! Bring whatever is going on out into the world in words- it may help you understand what's going on or at the least you'll feel less alone. Look, as the world's most secret introvert- I get it. But being connected to another human and having companionship is worth it.

What or who are you surrounding yourself with? What are you consuming? The people you're hanging out with, social media, TV, music, your environment, what you're reading, and even what you eat matters. Think about what you're taking in over all these areas. Think about how all these things make you feel. If it's not utter joy- step away or evaluate. Seriously. In seasons you don't have a ton of band-width, it has to be a "hell-yes" or a no.

I will never stop bringing this up. I just won't. It does way too much good. Gratitude can shift your attitude. (did that just rhyme?!) Think about what you have instead of what you don't. Think about what's going right instead of what's going wrong. Think about how far you've come instead of what you haven't yet accomplished. SHIFT.YOUR.ATTITUDE. It is impossible to feel a negative feeling when you have a heart of thanksgiving.


This world is crazy right now. Retreating and going into a rut or a slump is completely normal. But you can't stay there. Arming and preparing yourself with these tips can get you on the right path.

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