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I know, I know. Tons of people do this word for the year thing. Sometimes it gets cheesy and my guess is 100% of the time they couldn’t tell you what their word is on February 1st. Why? Because they’ve come up with this word with no plan in place. They’ve got a destination with no roadmap on how to get there. They give up. You’ve got to have more than just a word.


I hear the word “more” and my chest tightens up. I’m in a phase of life where I cannot- I cannot take on one. more. thing. So if you read that and felt the same way, exhale sister. None of us need more. If you're like me, you just need to reset your mindset or reorganize what you already have. The “more” I hope to point you to is more peace, more freedom, more productivity and less chaos and less striving in your life.


I want you to take hold of your life. I want you to know exactly what your driving force is. I want it to be unwavering for you. I want you to be so driven toward what you need in your life that it alone is the litmus test of how you live your days. That it’s how you take up the space in your calendars. That it’s how you decide to answer with a yes or a no. It’s your driving force for this year. It’s your North Star.


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