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Why the day after Easter is so important...

If you grieved on Friday, if you had hope on Saturday, if you celebrated on Sunday…then your world should change on Monday.


Reflect on everything these past 3 days mean. Get rid of the commercialization and sit in the holy.


If you truly believe that Jesus is who He says He is…crucify your unforgiveness, your resentment, your hate, your judgment….and watch new life resurrect the broken pieces of your world.


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I'll admit it- I'm a snob when it comes to certain things... coffee, the way clothes fit on my 30-something fluff, lashes and anything beauty that makes my life easier.


I want life to be boujee (but on a budget) peppered with simplification to my daily routine. If I find something I love, you'll see it here!

Want me to be your guiena pig and try something? Let me know!

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