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My go-to Haircare!

I recently posted our "Selfcare Sunday" routine on TikTok and started to get allll the questions about what haircare items I use and how in the world I go a week without washing it.

Here's the really important piece of info you need to know. I HAVE HAIR EXTENSIONS. Having these increases the longevity of my wash and curls.

I sew in my own hair extensions at home (thank you for this education Youtube) with the natural beaded row technique.

On hair wash day, I'll pull my hair up in sections so that when I get in the shower I can really wash in between those wefts. I also do a good scrub/scalp treatment beforehand! I know this seems like a lot, but it's worth it to only worry about my hair once a week.

For Kaleigh & Lillie we do hair masks on Sundays because they've got my thick, brittle hair that breaks easily and really needs that extra nourishment!

I feel like it's important to note that I'm on a Kristin Ess kick right now but that I am always changing out my products. What I look for in products is moisture and nourishment for dry/damaged hair. I also always have purple shampoo & conditioner on hand to keep the brassiness our of Kaleigh and my highlights.

Let's talk hair tools.....these are my tried and true. I've tried allll the fancy gadgets (you know the brands) and I'm loyal to these two babies. For reference, I use a 1 inch barrel on my hot tools curling iron. I also need you to know the this Revlon hairbrush dryer gets HOOOOTTTTT as fire. This isn't meant to be used on drenched hair. Your hair should be

80-90% dry before you start drying, or you will damage your hair!

Okay...I think I covered everything? What am I missing? Let me know! I hope you love these products as much as I do! They smell heavenly! I'll let you know when I switch and I'm on my newest find!

Much Love to you!!!!




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