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Keeping the house clean with 4 kids- the struggle is REAL.

Keeping the house clean with 4 kids...the struggle is REAL. Can anyone else relate? I mean in theory I love the quote: “Good moms have sticky floors, piles of laundry, messy kitchens and happy kids” but like I talked about earlier in the week, Covid changed all that for me!

And what a bummer that is to read for Moms that struggle with this! It’s not like you care about the mess more than your kids- it’s that the mess and the disorganization (especially as an enneagram 3) is a distraction. For me, it’s like I can’t enjoy like until everything is clean and in it’s place. And has a WAHM, it’s a distraction from my work.

Can you relate? You don’t want to miss out on these precious moments with your babies but gosh with working, laundry, cleaning floors, etc…it’s freaking overwhelming.

Maybe it’s just me…but if you find yourself in the same spot as I am. If you are, I’ve created a FREE cleaning schedule download you'll find at the bottom of this blog entry! And while I'm at it, here's 4 tips that have really helped me:

  1. GRATITUDE: Y'all know I'm gonna do it. I mean you know I'll always bring this fruit of the Spirit up, right? Find gratitude in it. Sure, when you're stressed and overwhelmed and kids are fighting I've thought, "screw the gratitude", lol but try to get there. Tons of laundry mean tons of bodies in this house that are the family I always prayed for. Look for the joy in your toddler as he drips the stick popsicle everywhere instead of the mess it's creating. I know it's hard to get there sometimes, but look for the little joys around you!

  2. GET EVERYONE ON BOARD: Everyone. Even littles. Even husbands. Put things up where they go in the right place. Everything has a home. Putting stuff up neatly and knowing where to find stuff when you're in a hurry makes life so much easier. It's not going to change after telling everyone this one time. Keep reminding them and helping them and demonstrating it to them (and pray for patience lol). You're their Mama, not their maid. Teach them responsibility at a young age and what it means to be part of a family or as we say- part of a team.

  3. GET RID OF ALL THE JUNK: As much as I love the Target dollar spot, it is also my worst enemy. Get rid of all the crap! I know that's blunt, but seriously. Pick one room or one closet or one area at a time and start combing through all the junk that's taking up space and causing clutter.

  4. STICK TO A SCHEDULE: Don't try to do it all at once- it's overwhelming. Do a little bit everyday. I started this process and eventually found a rhythm that works for me...and I want to share it with you! Download my FREE cleaning schedule HERE!

I'm cheering you on and praying for you, Mama! Be sure to follow me on instagram for more hacks, tips and tricks I've learned during the past 14 years of motherhood!



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