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Happy Easter! It is Finished & there's an empty tomb!

IT.IS.FINISHED. and there’s an empty tomb🙌

He died, defeated death and rose for YOU. Why?

Because that’s how much He loves YOU.

You of any political party.

You from any country.

You of all sexual orientations.

You of all races.

You no matter your past.

You no matter your mistakes.


He is Risen for YOU.

Don’t let society or what church has morphed into today let the cold hard facts fool you. Jesus was the most unconditionally loving, inclusive being there was. No matter what your story is, He died, defeated death and rose for YOU.

It’s a crazy love. You can’t earn it. You can’t pay it back. The only thing you can do is try to replicate it on the daily. Love. Forgive. Include. Die to yourself. Let’s love one another. Nothing else matters because IT.IS.FINISHED. and there’s an empty tomb🙌



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I want life to be boujee (but on a budget) peppered with simplification to my daily routine. If I find something I love, you'll see it here!

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