Bloom Where You're Planted

I know, I know…the “bloom where you are planted” quote is over used to the point it’s now cheesy 🙄

But the concept is on point. How many times do you see people in a situation that just give up and quit? It gets too hard, too stressful…and people just give up.

As we were driving on the interstate this weekend there were gorgeous wildflower patches everywhere. In the middle of asphalt and litter and pure pollution and toxicity those beauties were blooming! And they weren’t just blooming, they were thriving and reaching for the sun -or the light and the goodness in their surroundings.

You can do this. Whatever “this” is, you CAN do this. There’s enough strength for this. There’s enough Holy Spirit for this.


“For though a righteous man may fall seven times, he still gets up.” Proverbs 24:16


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