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Because He said so

I must preface this right away. There are VERY few humans I can say this about. I am stubborn and knowledge is power. So questioning things is on the regular for me. I’m also a woman in a position leadership that got here by following my heart & the Holy Spirit- not a man. I don’t parent this way. I want my kids to have thoughts, opinions, and to challenge things when it doesn’t sit right with them. So this phrase is hard to write…unless…unless we’re talking about our Savior.


I wasn’t always here. I’ve argued. I’ve screamed, cussed, and fought with God. It took me a long time to get to where I am in my faith journey & I’m still growing.

Here’s the thing though…our God has hindsight over all time. He knows how your chapter here on earth ends. Have you ever been watching a movie and something happens that you think ruins the entire storyline? But then plot twist…the problematic events actually made the ending better! I feel like that’s our life here. Our teeny brains can’t comprehend the big picture, but we have a God that loves us enough to die for us…and He’s moving all the pieces, people, and plot lines around to work for our good & His glory. So when things happen in my life I don’t understand, are they hard? You bet! But my faith doesn’t waiver. I know regardless of my circumstances, He’s working ALL things for my good.


But what about things in the Bible that don’t make sense? Jonah, Enoch, predestination??? I don’t think too deeply on these because that’s not where my faith is rooted. That’s actually not our faith at all. Our faith isn’t based on a book, it’s based on an event. My faith started because a man named Jesus resurrected from the dead 🤯 on account of my sins. And if we believe in Him, we have everlasting life. That’s THE gospel…that’s the good news. So all the other things? I’ve seen God move through my life too powerfully to even bat an eye at that. So…because He said so is good enough for me.

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